My cell phone is faster than this. Zito Media not delivering what you pay for.

If you were a Windjammer Cable customer, you are now whether you like it or not a Zito Media customer. Since their purchase of our local cable company, the speeds that you pay for (me at home – top package of 10Mbps download) are not what you are getting.

Wow. Just…. sad.

Think we should ask for a 90% decrease in our bill, since they are only delivering just under 2% of what we pay them for.

Anyone else with speed¬†disappointment? What’s your speed and ISP (Internet Service Provider)?

Edit – updated 01/02/13

We now have speeds (tested at peak using time, 1800hrs weekday) that are worthy of the price. We *did* have to change ISPs and are now using Frontier Communications. Thank you, Frontier!

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    • YES finally someone else with this problem. I called the so called “support” and got called a liar by the guy on the phone, He said he had very little ping and the speeds were ok…. BULL&*#&! Windjammer was awesome hardly ever a problem but as soon as zitomedia took over it sucked BAD. 1.2 down and 0.66 up. I finally got zito to send someone out and they told me that a LOT of bandwidth was sold off before zito took over but they still act as if they are selling the same package. The tech guy said susanville has about 2.5k customers and if you divide all the bandwidth they can provide between all the customers it doesn’t even hold a candle to DIAL UP (that’s like a mini pizza at a frat house party!!!). BUT!! If you wait another 6-12 months they “should” have new fiber optics installed, BUT no guarantee if that timeline is right or if that will fix the problem entirely.

      • What I would like to see is 20mbps down and 5 up. Then maybe I can watch a YouTube video without having to wait hours on end. I know some people that ended switching over to DigitalPath satellite and they were told this bandwidth was also sold and not enough of it was available. When our contract runs out, Frontier looks promising!

  • I was told by a tech, who came to my house, that if I change to the 5mbps from the 10mbps I have now it will stay close to 5mbps. Well I called Zito, and they told me they only have the 10mbps turbo since they bought Windjammer, go figure…

  • They are all a bunch of liars. When we were switched to Zito without notice, I think tha makes us a new, not existing customer and we should be afforded the opportunity tohave a new customer discount that they are hawking in our bill.

  • I have had nothing but problems since the buyout. My internet has been nearly unusable for my streaming needs, not to mention my father has school and works online which is causing him to lose money. When I went into the office I get the same speech. We’re working on the bandwidth problem, it should be fixed soon. They want to tell me the technical’s about splicing cables, but seriously, I could care less about that, I want the service Im paying for, end of story. If not, I want a refund. The customer service on the phone is even worse.Twice my dvr just stopped working and I lost all of my programming, so I called zito. Not only were they not able to fix the dvr, the technician caused me to lose my cable all together. The next day it started to work on its own, so I inputted all my recorded shows again only to lose them once again the next day. When I called to complain and asked for a discount, I was told no. At this point I became upset and listed all the problems Ive had since the buyout, the woman on the phone actually pretended she couldnt hear me, like we’d been cut off, pretty convenient timing, Im positive by the way she was acting she could hear me. (On a side note, when my dvr crashed, I had recorded some pay per views that I hadnt been able to watch yet, and when I asked for a refund I got laughed at and told “we’re not going to fall for that”. Fall for what? I want the services I pay for. I was told its illegal to record the pay-per-views and when I asked where does it say that, they told me there is a copywrite notice on the movie itself. But isnt that true with all shows and movies? Wouldnt that make the dvr in itself illegal? I could get over the money Ive lost with the pay per views if at least my cable and internet were consistently working but its clear these people have absolutely no idea what theyre doing over there. They are ripping people off, charging for a service they cant provide, and not offering a discount to disgruntled customers. Top it off with such insulting and poor customer service, I dont see how they are going to stay in business long. I have spoken with some people and I am not the only one having these issues. I’ve been without cable for 4 days now and they said it wouldnt be until next week that I could get a service call. I told them not to bother, Im canceling my service and switching to Direct Tv. They will bundle with internet providers but Im not sure who to choose. If anyone has a recommendation of a good internet provider here in susanville, I would greatly appreciate it. Sorry for the rant, I saw the post and its just good to see someone else is speaking out.

  • My service goes down just about everyday, and on every Friday and Saturday at the same time for hours !!! As far as I am concerned, they are stealing, charging for a service and then not providing it. When I called, they told me that it was probably my router, however, when the computer is pulled in with an Ethernet, the internet is still not available. I use the net for my job and my business. If they can raise the rates and charge through the nose, they can reimburse for the time that we don’t have internet !!!

  • I live in Texas, but Zito bought out Windjammer here too. And since January we have had nothing but issues. I’ve had techs out here left and right. I’ve had my bill credited a billion times over. Every time it rains, my internet goes down. I call. They send a tech out. Of course the issue is resolved by then and the tech says well I can’t do anything right now since there is no problem. Sadly, in this small town, there are no other ISP’s to switch to. So we are stuck. Techs have told me that they KNOW there is an issue in my area, it’s been known for awhile, but it hasnt been fixed because there is not enough manpower or money to complete it. So frustrating.

    • Zito media is terrible,no channels but you pay out lots of money,,,,please ,please will another provider buy them out,,,,,let everybody cancell service with zito media…….not a good cable company at all…

  • I was searching for people with the same problems during the RARE chance that I get once in a while when my Zito Media service is actually working. I am 38 yo and to date have never dealt with a worse company than this. Zito is getting 67.00 a month for 20mbps service that is very… and I mean VERY rarely working at all. My service is always down for days at a time, it will come on once in a while in the middle of the night ( i can hear my devices going nuts while im sleeping ) but once morning comes my hopes are dashed, service is still down. I call Support and get absolutely no craps from them, they could really care less. They gratuitously schedule me a “Service Tech” to come to my house… but no one ever shows up… and when I call they say “That work order was closed” wtf????? Calling support will usually get you someone who can stand you… I feel like I get someone’s bratty teenager to help me. But wait… it gets better… ever gone passed due on your bill? Oh dont you dare, you will get a phone call from Zito treating you like they are a collections agency even though you are a current customer???? Who does that?????? Not once have I been compensated for being down weeks at a time… but they sure will call wanting full payment.

  • Cable has been failing for 2 months, I call but nothing is fixed. I have had no cable for the last 2 weeks.
    They say there is a work order but will not say when it will be fixed.
    This week?… they can’t say.
    This month … they can’t say.
    They are just taking my money & not delivering any service.

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