Audible coming to Apple CarPlay

Audible App

I spend roughly no less than 14 hours a week in my vehicle driving.  With that much time on my hands I greatly enjoy listening to audiobooks.

Earlier this year I upgraded my car’s sound system from the stock baseline Toyota radio to the Pioneer Apple CarPlay. The primary goal in this was safety, “Keeping hands on wheel and eyes on road”; at this CarPlay does a very good job and was quite pleased with it.  However my Audible App (to listen to books) would not work natively.  It still required looking at the phone and mashing on buttons. Not-so-safe.

The makers of the app, Audible (owned by Amazon) had to first design it to work with CarPlay – which they hadn’t.  I called Audible support to inquire as to if or when they planned on furthering the development of the app so it would be compatible with CarPlay back in December 2014.  The answer was, “We’ve never heard of Apple CarPlay”.  Oh great.

I have since resigned myself to the fact it may never come. In March, (competitor to released a natively working app for CarPlay.  Time to switch, I thought?  Not so fast!

Yesterday in the beta pre-release version of iOS 8.4 it was discovered that the upcoming upgraded Audible App now has CarPlay support.

Once released we’ll do a full review of the product, features, and use.


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