Blue Proactive Maintenance

What BLUE proactive maintenance covers:


One Windows computer (desktop, laptop, netbook) from your home residence.

MAV (Managed Anti-Virus) product – we guarantee this machine will not become infected.

Web Monitor (protects your browser from going to unsafe sites) – your choice to include blocking adult content.

15% discount on any additional labor costs, tune up, new software install, or just troubleshooting an error.

Patch Management – Automatic updates of Windows, Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Shockwave, TeamViewer, JAVA, iTunes, and 30 other software programs.

Weekly disk cleanup and disk defragment.

24×7 monitoring of 20 background processes, services, and hardware – if an issue begins, we will be notified of the issue, and if it’s a quick fix – we’ll fix it right then; if not, we will contact you and provide repair options.

Includes installation of remote access software to fix your computer remotely, so you do not have to bring your computer in to be worked on.

Compressed Nitrogen Blowouts – bring your computer in and we will remove all foreign (non-biohazard) internal material.

Warranty Coverage – If your computer hardware is currently under warranty and you have a hardware failure, we will handle the warranty process to get your computer fixed and/or replaced at no charge.


The Fine Print – What it does not cover:

This offer is not available to customers that have business software on machine, such as QuickBooks, Adobe Master Suite, etc.  Must have high speed internet connection through wired provider.  AT&T, Verizon, DigitalPath and Plumas Sierra Rural Wireless customers are not eligible due to speed and quality demands with the internet connection.

Does not cover any hardware replacement / costs to replace hardware.


*Not Your Normal Yadda Yadda Legal Stuff*

Please read and ask questions


Your signature authorizes Lassen PC to perform maintenance and repairs via internet and in physical person from our offices at 55. N Union St SUSANVILLE CA 96130 per your request to the computer listed on your account above and agree that Lassen PC is not responsible for the loss of data for any cause beyond our control. In case of accidental damage to data or your system, further damage or data loss caused by pre-existing problems in your system such as viruses, improperly configured software, or hardware problems /failures, you agree to hold us, Lassen PC and any persons associated with or involved in the work being done for you harmless from damages resulting from such problems. Remote access to your computers will not occur unless specifically requested. Lassen PC reserves the right to modify security software on your computer for the purpose of protecting it from harmful content (blocking harmful websites) should your account incur more than 2 (two) virus infections within a one year period. This contract is valid for one month from the date listed above and is set to auto renew. The customer shall receive an emailed notice of paid invoice via email one the first of each month. Should payment method on file not be successful during auto-renew, account will be temporarily suspended until new payment method is in place and successfully processed.

Cancellation of contract services – the customer may cancel this service at any time for any reason, or for no reason. No notice is required.  Cancellation of service may be done by calling Lassen PC at 888-649-2880, extension 1.  Lassen PC reserves the right to cancel services to client with 30 day notice.