We’re growing – please come and help!

  Lassen PC, Lassen County’s leading provider of technical support solutions for residential and small businesses is now accepting applications for the following positions: Technician I – Full Time Technician I – Part Time Web Designer – Part Time Educator / Instructor – Part Time Job descriptions, benefits, and applications may be obtained from www.lassenpc.com/careers[…]

What you need to know – buying a new computer LIVE 5:30PM 11/20/13

Tonight’s live streaming web broadcast – What you need to know when buying a new computer. We will discuss popular brands (and ones to stay away from) as well as what you need for processor speed, RAM, and hard drive space. Broadcast will begin at 5:30PM, viewable direct on www.lassenpc.com. Don’t have time to watch[…]

Viruses and trojans – how not to get infected

Wednesday October 16th at 3PM PST we will be presenting a live Q&A about the science of viruses, trojans, malware, spyware, rootkits and other nasty beasts.  Central theme will be how to protect a computer from these threats.  You can watch live by going to our site at www.lassenpc.com and enter questions during the presentation.[…]

Computer ‘repair’ phone scam on the rise

Over the last few years we’ve received a few phone calls here and there from clients stating that they were phoned by “Windows” “Microsoft” and even “Google” and were informed they had been scanned by their security experts, having many issues that needed to be fixed immediately; that for a small ($150+) fee they would log in to[…]

My cell phone is faster than this. Zito Media not delivering what you pay for.

If you were a Windjammer Cable customer, you are now whether you like it or not a Zito Media customer. Since their purchase of our local cable company, the speeds that you pay for (me at home – top package of 10Mbps download) are not what you are getting. Wow. Just…. sad. Think we should[…]