Online Competition

Walmart Amazon

Today there are virtual marketplaces online across the globe that you can purchase anything you could possibly imagine, legally – and – illegally, online.  We will not be discussing the “how-to” for hiring a hit man or human trafficking today, rather the competition between the legal companies.

Walmart steps up the ante.  Recently Walmart began offering free two-day shipping for all orders over $35.  Does that sound like another online company?  It should. Amazon had been offering free two day shipping for purchases over $49.

Amazon steps up the ante.  In response to Walmart’s new offer, Amazon has now lowered and matched Walmart’s shipping offer, with free two day shipping for purchases over $35.

Verizon starts the new unlimited war. After years of cellular companies attempting to rid themselves of unlimited data plans, Verizon last week surprised everyone by rolling out a new unlimited data plan, $80/mo for all 4G data, texts and talk.  Not to be outdone, three other carries quickly followed suit last week with announcing changes and / or additions to their plans.

T-Mobile announced that it was dropping two of the restrictions on its unlimited data plan, HD streaming and tethering.

Sprint stepped in also announced support in their unlimited data plan for HD video and mobile tethering as well.

Not to be left out, AT&T jumped into the fray and announced that it was expanding its unlimited plan so that non-Direct TV customers can also join and benefit from that program. The catch there is to obtain that plan, you need to have 4 or more smartphones on your account.  If you do not, you cannot obtain the new plan credit.

Now which one is best? It’s still dependent on needs, use, availability / coverage area. One may have better pricing but they also may constantly drop calls in your service area. To figure that out it is best to inquire with local friends and family on which carrier they use and that carrier’s quality in coverage.

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